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Customized Ice Cream Sandwiches in Austin and NYC.

The Baked Bear in Austin, TX:

First stop – The Baked Bear in Austin. Home made and high quality with lots of options. Choose your cookie, pick your ice cream and add all the toppings!

Tip: You can order a brownie and a cookie for your ice cream sandwich if you can’t decide. Great photo op with their Cookie Monster neon sign!

Sherry B Dessert Studio in New York City, NY.

Pastries meet ice cream! The Food Network named Sherri B’s one of the “Best Cookie Bakeries in the Country” with its signature ice cream cake sandwiches, stuffed brownies, home-made marshmallows and ice cream. The cookie bar features cookies, brownies and cake stuffed with your flavor of ice cream and toppings.

Tip: They serve booze! They also have giant sized ice cream sandwiches and s’mores. Great idea for a unique birthday cake.

New Brunch Spot: Arlo Grey

Top Chef Winner, Kristen Kish opens Austin’s newest restaurant, Arlo Grey located in Downtown Austin in The Line Hotel. Initially opened for dinner now has brunch.

Super trendy vibe and chic decor at Arlo Grey. Great place for brunch with the tribe and to get some great instagram pics.

It’s not brunch unless there’s alcohol and Arlo Grey serves a Bloody Mary we haven’t seen anywhere else. You become the bartender as it’s a DIY Bloody Mary. We scratched our heads over this but gave it a thumbs up since it’s tasty and specifically made for instagram.

They serve simple morning breakfast items like eggs and bacon and classic drinks at the bar such as an Old Fashioned. As well as delicious items you don’t see on many menus like their chickpea fries or a burger salad.

Tip: Get a great photo op in the bathroom.

Spotted: Sgroppino in Vegas

Could it be? Sgroppino in Las Vegas? And if so, will it be a true Sgroppino like the one found in Italy?

When scoping out the MGM Park we stumbled across a sign saying “Sgroppino.” Our minds were blown. Sgroppino has reached the strip. We found ourselves infront of Primrose, a charming, French inspired bistro.

In our excitement, we read on to see if it could possibly be a true Italian Sgroppino… Lemon sorbet – yes! Prosecco – yes! Vodka – yassss! Sounds legit.

Even with all the purple and lavender added, it still sounded like a true Sgroppino just with a fancy remix. We’re in Vegas after all.

We went inside Primrose and ordered our Sgroppino. We saw the bartender immediately grab the cocktail shaker and we cringed. We then knew this would be another Affogato style version of a Sgroppino. Maybe in the states it’s just a scoop of sorbet in alcohol but you guys are really missing out on a true Sgroppino. 

The purple drank. 

TREND ALERT: Sgroppino is the new Aperol Spritz.

We’re calling it now! Sgroppino is the next IT drink for brunching. Bellini’s, Mimosa’s and Frosé all had a good run. Aperol is amazing but it too will have its end. Sgroppino is the next thing and you heard it here first. 

We’re so sure of this because we are brunch connoiseurs. We’re as basic as it comes – We watch the bachelor, we keep up with the Kardashians, we love avocado toast, drink Starbucks lattes, wear Uggs, we can’t even, and we brunch like it’s our job.

As professional brunchers aka acceptable day drinking for the fabulous – a chic alcoholic beverage is essential. It started with a Mimosa but has since then expanded. There was the Rosé era turned into Frosé. More recently the Aperol spritz has hit the brunch scene. Aperol came from Italy and they’re bringing Sgroppino too. 

So what is Sgroppino? It’s simply lemon sorbet, Prosecco and vodka mixed together until it has a creamy texture. 

Any other variation is not a Sgroppino. It’s super smooth and creamy but there is not any dairy in this. It will be whisked together to get the proper texture and should not be blended. A scoop of sorbet or ice cream plopped in Prosecco can not be considered a Sgroppino either. That’s more of an Affogato style. 

Be on the lookout for this drink in the states this summer. Cheers! 


  1. Pret a Manger – FREE drink at Pret this week when you buy a breakfast item OR download the app and to get a free drink.
  2. Godiva – FREE truffle every month when you sign up for the rewards club but must spend $10 to activate.
  3. Hershey – FREE chocolate at Hershey in Times Square. When? Always. How? Just walk in the store.
  4. Lindt – FREE Chocolate when you walk into any store location.
  5. Sugarfina – FREE gummy bear sample at Sugarfina NYC – all locations when you walk in store.
  6. Noosa – FREE Noosa but must be on the lookout for ambassadors handing them out on the street and grab as many as you want.
  7. Economist – FREE Coffee and sometimes food. Location varies as the food truck switches it up between Bryant Park and Union Square.

FREE in Austin

  1. Gourdough’sFreebies promised at the Gourdough’s Super Bowl watch party on Sunday, February 3 from 4-10pm.
  2. Fareground at One ElevenFREE party at Fareground on Sunday, February 3 starting at 3pm. Event is free with drink and food specials.
  3. Blenders and BowlsFREE 8oz. Acai bowl on Tuesday, February 5th from 2-5pm at the Guad location.
  4. Amy’s Ice Cream FREE ice cream on Tuesday, February 5th from 4-7pm at any Amy’s location.

Freebie Alerts:

  1. Uncle Nicky’s – Grand Opening Monday February 4th. Possibility for FREEBIES.

NYC Valentine’s Day Guide

Single and celebrating Galentine’s Day? Deeply in love looking for a romantic evening? Or going on a Tinder date? We’ve got you covered! Everyone seems to scramble last minute to figure out plans for February 14th. Don’t break a sweat because we have some suggestions for you.

First off we’d like to address how Austinites seem to love this Hallmark holiday while the East Coast has a very cynical outlook on it. They’re just happy it falls on a Thursday this year so it doesn’t ruin their weekend. So to help out the New Yorkers on this pink and red, heart-shaped holiday, we have the fun, the romantic, and the trendy spots for you. 


Museum of Sex – Let’s start with the fun/cheesy one. It’s a museum of inappropriateness and lots of giggles. Ummm… and they have a bar. You bet they have a Valentine’s Day special. It’s a bit steep at $105 per ticket and I can’t really justify it so maybe just buy the $20 general admission and go to Eataly after. Also, Shake Shack and Tacombi are nearby. 

Venchi – Your Willy Wonka Dreams have come true with the largest chocolate waterfall in North America. Newly opened and the hottest spot since the Nutella Cafe, this Italian sweet shop will wow you and give you diabetes all at the same time. Serving gelato, crepes, coffee and of course lots of chocolate. 

Winter Village – Want an activity? Head to Bryant Park for some ice skating. If you think ice skating is lame or you just don’t feel like face planting that evening, they have bumper cars for the rink. That’s right – bumper cars! They have tons of shops and food options as well – all instagram worthy. If you’re getting too cold in this polar vortex, go grab a warm seat at the enclosed bar called The Lodge. 

LROOM Cafe – Treat yo self with the finest latte – a 24k Gold Latte that is. It’s called the “Bling Bling Honey Latte” and it’s made with edible glitter and kicks golden milk made with turmeric to the curb. What started as a flower shop, has added a cafe with beautiful concoctions almost too pretty to eat (aka perfect for instagram.) They’ve created pastries, waffles and drinks made to  resemble floral arrangements. We recommend this place for the single ladies where you can get something better than flowers and jewelry – *edible* flowers and jewelry. 

1803NYC – This was added to the list because it’s NYC’s hottest restaurant right now. Newly open with a New Orleans’ vibe and a strong culinary scene that’s creating tons of buzz. Get more than dinner and drinks, stay for the live Jazz which is making a huge comeback these days appealing to younger crowds. 

PHD – A pop up roof top bar with an interesting acronym but actually stands for Penthouse at the Dream. We have a soft spot for The Dream. We’ve been going there since we looked old enough to be there. Now the Dream has a great new rooftop which you can never have enough in any city.